Web Scraping With Python

In this article, we will walk through how to perform web scraping using Python from scratch.

Web Scraping Process

What is Web Scraping?

Web Scraping is a process of extracting data from a website, parsing them as per the requirement, and retrieving the required data from the website.

Further, these datasets can be used for research, analysis, and learning purposes.

Pros and Cons for Web Scraping


1) Implementation is easy.

2) Data accuracy.

3) Minimum cost.

4) Effective data management


1) The Data Analysis process consumes a lot of time and energy.

Top available tools for Web Scraping Using Python

Web Scrapping Tools

In this article, we will make use of a BeautifulSoup tool to scrap data from the website.

Step:1 Importing BeautifulSoup(for scrapping data) CSV(Loading scrapped data to csv) and various other required modules.

Step:2 Extracting data from the website by reading HTML tags.

Step:3 Parsing and printing the data as per the requirement.

Step:4 Now loading the scrapped data into csv by opening( .csv) file in writing mode.

Step:5 Print the data by reading the .csv file.

Code for the implementation:-

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