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Unlocking Insights: Visualizing Data on GCP with Tableau

Hey readers! I’m excited to share a new article with you. In this article, we’ll explore the seamless integration of GCP Big Query with Tableau, allowing you to effortlessly visualize your data on the Google Cloud Platform using the powerful features of Tableau.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can leverage the combination of GCP and Tableau to gain valuable insights from your data.

Basic Requirement

  1. Tableau Desktop account
  2. GCP login account

Step 1: Create a GCP account with your Gmail account, Launch the GCP Portal.

Step 2: Once the portal is launched successfully create a project.

Step 3: Once the project is created successfully select the BigQuery option from the extreme left side and select sql workspace.

SQL Workspace: A workspace to write SQL Query Logics.

Step 4: In order to work with SQL queries we need to have datasets and tables. Let's create a dataset.

Project → Datasets → Tables

Step 5: Once created dataset create a table.

Step 6: Now prepare SQL query logic based on the requirement.

Step 7: Now let’s explore the connection with Tableau. Launch the Tableau Desktop and select GoogleBigQuery.

Step 8: Now establish the connection by providing the email id and grant access to the Tableau Desktop to access the data.

Step 9: Select the options based on the requirement.

Step 10: Make changes as per the requirement and start creating the dashboards.

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