PostgreSQL Version- “13”

In this article, we will see how to set up PostgreSQL version-13 on your windows machine and what are the new features added in this version.

How to install and setup PostgreSQL 13 on a Windows machine?

Step:1 Download the installer for version 13. (Official Postgres website link and also one of the favorite websites to download the latest version of Postgres).


Version: 13.4 Windows x86–64

Step:2 Once the installer gets downloaded install it.During the installation process we will get an option to add port number, username and password once this process is successfully completed, Stack builder will get opened up.

Step:3 Select the PostgreSQL version 13 from the stack builder select next and further click on next by carefully reading all the information that you require in your set up and finally click on finish.

Step:4 Now open the pgAdmin4 on your system as you may have noticed along with Postgres Server pgAdmin4 also gets installed.

Step:5 Now comes the final step to setup the server.

(i) Right-click on the servers select create -> server.Now below screen gets opened up.

(ii) Add Name(anyname example-pg13).

(iii) Now tap on the connection tab, add hostname/address(if local then localhost), port as mentioned during installation setup(example : PortNo: 5432), maintenance db, username and password.

(iv) Now finally tap on the save button.

Step:6 Now our server is finally successfully setup.

Step:7 Select the server -> Database, click on Query tool from the left corner on the UI(pgadmin4) and now our server is ready for writing queries.

Confirm the PostgreSQL version-13

Query:- SELECT Version();

SELECT Version();

New features added in PostgreSQL 13

Note: More than 160 new features have been added in PostgreSQL 13 compared to its previous versions.

Major features

1) One of the notable features of PostgreSQL 13 is an enhancement to B-tree indexes that more efficiently store duplicates entries. In other words, if we have a B-tree index that contains repeat values, we can take advantage of this feature in Postgres 13 to have your index take up less space on disk.

2) Vacuum indexes in parallel.

3) Improved performance for queries that use aggregates or partitioned tables.

4) Better query planning when using extended statistics.

5) Incremental sorting.

Do read to know more on PostgreSQL 13 release:

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