In order to understand NoSQL, it’s necessary to understand SQL. NoSQL Databases refers to a database method that differs entirely from the typical relational database management system(RDBMS).SQL is a query language used by relational databases.

  1. SQL is a Structured Query Language whereas NoSQL is Not SQL or Not Only SQL.
  2. SQL is used by relational databases whereas NoSQL is used by non-relational databases.
  3. SQL follows the structured schema whereas NoSQL follows the unstructured schema.
  4. Unstructured data increases at a much faster rate than structured data and does not fit into RDBMS relational structures, thus NoSQL is particularly useful for storing unstructured data.

Types of NoSQL Databases

  1. Key-Value Store

(i) Most basic form of NoSQL database.

(ii) Schema-free data model is arranged as a dictionary of key-value pairs.

(iii) For each key a value is assigned for all the items.

Examples of Key-Value Store are: Amazon DynamoDB, Redis, and Riak

2. Document

(i) Same as key-value database concept.A step further by grouping documents into collections.

(ii) Supports queries on attributes within documents and nested key-value pairs.

Examples of Document are: MongoDB and Amazon DocumentDB

3. Column-oriented

(i)Focus on columns, and each column is addressed separately.

(ii) More efficiently works at storing data and querying across rows of sparse data.

Examples of column-oriented database are: HBase and Apache Cassandra

4. Graph-based

(i) Multi-relational in nature.

(ii) Tracks both entities and their connections. An entity is a node and connections are edges.

Examples of Graph-based databases are: Neo4J, Infinite Graph, and OrientDB

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Database Engineer having working experience in SQL and NO-SQL databases. 👨‍💻

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Nidhi Gupta

Nidhi Gupta

Database Engineer having working experience in SQL and NO-SQL databases. 👨‍💻

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