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Exploring PySpark Setup in Visual Studio Code

This article provides a step-by-step guide to setting up your environment, leveraging the robust capabilities of PySpark, and seamlessly integrating it into the VS Code. Discover the efficiency and flexibility of developing, debugging, and optimizing your PySpark applications in a user-friendly and powerful IDE environment.”

PySpark + VS code


  1. Windows 11 OS


  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. VS code
  4. Spark

Step 1: Download and Install Java 8 based on the required OS.

Add the Java environment path variable.

JAVA_HOME: /**path**/

Check the Java version:

Step 2: Download and Install the Python Version(3.11.4) based on the required OS.

Make sure to check while installing to add a .exe file to the environment path variable

Check the Python version:

Step 3: Download the spark files and winutils.exe and place them in the respective folder.

Spark: C:/SPARK

Winutils: C:/HADOOP/BIN

Add the Java environment path variable.

SPARK_HOME: /**path**/

HADOOP_HOME: /**path**/

Download Spark:

Download Winutils:

Check the Pyspark version:

Now open the cmd type spark-shell, check the version of pyspark, and start exploring pyspark.

I have shared some examples for code snippets to work with Pyspark on vs code.

Note: Be careful with the version to install the major challenge I faced was finding the correct version compatibility.

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