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Azure Data Factory Triggers

This article is for sure going to help all the new learners who are new to Azure or want to switch to the Azure data engineering domain.

Azure Triggers is one of the favorite questions asked in all the data engineering interviews.

The task of the trigger is just to tell when the pipeline execution should start. This task can be manual or automated depending on the requirement.

Manual Triggers:

  1. Need to execute the pipeline manually.
  2. Not easy to handle pipeline execution manually so we have automated triggers.

Automated Triggers:

Automatically run the pipeline during a certain frequency, scheduled time, or when some specific event happened.

In Azure, we have 3 different types of automated triggers.

(i) Scheduled trigger

(ii) Tumbling window trigger

(iii) Storage/Event based trigger

Schedule Trigger:

  1. Recurring triggers based on a specified schedule.Specific time-based trigger.
  2. Executes on future date and time.
  3. Can set start and end date.
  4. Less reliable, retry capabilities are not supported.
  5. Trigger and Pipeline have a many-to-many relationship.

Tumbling Window Trigger:

  1. Execute at a periodic time interval from a specified start time.
  2. Series of fixed-sized, non-overlapping, and contiguous time intervals.
  3. Recurring triggers based on a time window.
  4. 100% reliable, maintain states, and retry capabilities are supported.
  5. Trigger and Pipeline have a one-to-one relationship.

Storage/Event Trigger:

  1. Events happening in a storage account, such as the arrival or deletion of a file in a blob storage.
  2. Triggered by an event, such as a file being created or deleted.

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